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CFCAD1 Class 1: D(2) dopamine receptor ligand dibenzothiazepinone der... 3
CFCAD2 Class 2: cAMP-specific 3',5'-cyclic phosphodiesterase, TNF inh... 6
CFCAD3 Class 3: D(2) dopamine receptor ligand Benzisoxazole Derivativ... 14
CFCAD4 Class 4: Abelson tyrosine-protein kinase 2 inhibitor thiazole ... 7
CFCAD5 Class 5: Receptor-type tyrosine-protein kinase FLT3 inhibitor ... 3
CFCAD6 Class 6: Serine/threonine-protein kinase B-raf inhibitor diary... 11
CFCAD7 Class 7: Glucocorticoid receptor, Corticosteroid-binding globu... 4
CFCAD8 Class 8: 5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 1B ligand triptan Almotr... 12
CFCAD9 Class 9: Retinoic acid receptor ligand retinoid Isotretinoin S... 2
CFCAD10 Class 10: 5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 2C ligand Tetracyclic a... 6
CFCAD11 Class 11: Enoyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] reductase [NADH] inhibi... 11
CFCAD12 Class 12: Aldehyde dehydrogenase inhibitor thiocarbonyl compou... 2
CFCAD13 Class 13: Adenosine deaminase inhibitor pyrimido-pyrimidine de... 2
CFCAD14 Class 14: Calcineurin Inhibitor Cyclosporine Superfamily, Pept... 3
CFCAD15 Class 15: NMDA receptor Ligand L-glutamic Acid Superfamily, Pe... 5
CFCAD16 Class 16: D(2) dopamine receptor ligand catecholamine Dopamine... 5
CFCAD17 Class 17: Opioid receptor ligand synthetic opioid methadone an... 9
CFCAD18 Class 18: Oxytocin receptor and Vasopressin V2 receptor Binder... 6
CFCAD19 Class 19: D(2) dopamine receptor and D(3) dopamine receptor li... 2
CFCAD20 Class 20: Peptide hormone receptor bindng peptide Superfamily,... 5
CFCAD21 Class 21: Benzodiazepine receptor, GABA receptor binding benzo... 5
CFCAD22 Class 22: D(2) dopamine receptor ligand thienobenzodiazepine a... 5
CFCAD23 Class 23: Sodium-dependent dopamine transporter inhibitor subs... 8
CFCAD24 Class 24: Beta adrenergic receptor ligand monosubstituted indo... 12
CFCAD25 Class 25: D(2) dopamine receptor ligand thioxanthene analog Fl... 3
CFCAD26 Class 26: Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor ligand secondary al... 2
CFCAD27 Class 27: D(2) dopamine receptor Binder Superfamily, D(2) dopa... 2
CFCAD28 Class 28: Endothelin B receptor and Endothelin-1 receptor liga... 2
CFCAD29 Class 29: 5HT receptor binding azapirones Superfamily, 5-hydro... 3
CFCAD30 Class 30: 30S ribosomal subunit, 16S rRNA inhibitor Tetracycli... 4
CFCAD31 Class 31: Oestrogen receptor Ligand Mitotane Superfamily, Thro... 6
CFCAD32 Class 32: Biogenic amine receptor, Calmodulin binding phenothi... 6
CFCAD33 Class 33: Carbonic anhydrase, Solute carrier binding Cyclothi... 3
CFCAD34 Class 34: 30S ribosomal subunit binding aminoglycoside Superfa... 3
CFCAD35 Class 35: G protein-activated inward rectifier potassium chann... 3
CFCAD36 Class 36: Alpha-1 adrenergic receptor ligand arylethanolamine ... 6
CFCAD37 Class 37: Voltage-gated sodium channel ligand phenyltriazine a... 6
CFCAD38 Class 38: Voltage-dependent T-type calcium channel subunit alp... 8
CFCAD39 Class 39: DNA binder bis-chloroethylnitrosourea analog Carmust... 3
CFCAD40 Class 40: 5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 2C ligand phenylpiperaz... 4
CFCAD41 Class 41: Solute carrier Superfamily, Beta-lactamase and DNA p... 4
CFCAD42 Class 42: 5-alpha reductase inhibitor azasteroid derivative Du... 7
CFCAD43 Class 43: 5-alpha reductase inhibitor azasteroid derivative Fi... 5
CFCAD44 Class 44: DNA topoisomerase 2-beta inhibitor acridine derivati... 12
CFCAD45 Class 45: Adrenergic neuron and Beta adrenergic receptor Binde... 8
CFCAD46 Class 46: Thymidylate synthase inhibitor pyrrotopyrimidine der... 2
CFCAD47 Class 47: Binder Superfamily, Chromomycin A3 Superfamily, Pro... 4
CFCAD48 Class 48: Monoamine reuptake inhibitor Sertraline Sibutramin... 10
CFCAD49 Class 49: Monoamine reuptake, metabotropic transmembrane recep... 3
CFCAD50 Class 50: Lipase inhibitor lipstatin derivative Orlistat Super... 1
CFCAD51 Class 51: Noradrenergic re-uptake and Serotonin re-uptake inhi... 14
CFCAD52 Class 52: Probable arabinosyltransferase Inhibitor Ethambutol ... 5
CFCAD53 Class 53: HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitor phosphonate deri... 3
CFCAD54 Class 54: DNA binder anthracycline analog Mitoxantrone Superfa... 4
CFCAD55 Class 55: Alpha adrenergic receptor ligand dioxolane analog gu... 1
CFCAD56 Class 56: Reverse transcriptase inhibitor nucleotide adenosine... 4
CFCAD57 Class 57: Gamma-aminobutyric acid receptor subunit alpha-1 Lig... 3
CFCAD58 Class 58: DNA binder platinum-based diaminocyclohexane analog ... 1
CFCAD59 Class 59: 5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 1B and 5-hydroxytryptam... 6
CFCAD60 Class 60: Alpha-2 adrenergic receptor ligand Clonidine derivat... 4
CFCAD61 Class 61: Beta adrenergic receptor ligand quinolone derivative... 5
CFCAD62 Class 62: adrenergic receptor ligand catecholamine Superfamily... 8
CFCAD63 Class 63: D(2) dopamine receptor and D(3) dopamine receptor li... 6
CFCAD64 Class 64: D(2) dopamine receptor and D(1A) dopamine receptor l... 13
CFCAD65 Class 65: Melatonin receptor type 1A and Melatonin receptor ty... 9
CFCAD66 Class 66: opioid receptor ligand opiate Codeine Buprenorphine ... 8
CFCAD67 Class 67: Mu-type opioid receptor Ligand Fentanyl Superfamily,... 9
CFCAD68 Class 68: Muscarinic acetylcholine receptor M3 ligand quinucli... 2
CFCAD69 Class 69: D(2) dopamine receptor ligand phenylpiperazine deriv... 3
CFCAD70 Class 70: 5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 1B and 5-hydroxytryptam... 8
CFCAD71 Class 71: biogenic amine receptor binding ergot alkaloid Super... 3
CFCAD72 Class 72: D(2) dopamine receptor ligand benzothiazolylpiperazi... 3
CFCAD73 Class 73: Biogenic amine receptor, re-uptake and enxyme bindin... 7
CFCAD74 Class 74: Thyroid hormone receptor alpha ligand thyroid hormon... 5
CFCAD75 Class 75: Benzodiazepine receptor ligand benzodiazepine analog... 5
CFCAD76 Class 76: Aldosterone receptor ligand steroid Eplerenone Super... 11
CFCAD77 Class 77: Alpha-1 adrenergic receptor ligand sulfamoyl substit... 6
CFCAD78 Class 78: Alpha-2 adrenergic receptor Ligand Yohimbine Superfa... 10
CFCAD79 Class 79: Beta adrenergic receptor Ligand Timolol Family, Prel... 3
CFCAD80 Class 80: Adrenergic receptor ligand Propranolol Levobunolol ... 4
CFCAD81 Class 81: Progesterone receptor ligand steroid Mifepristone Su... 6
CFCAD82 Class 82: Cysteinyl leukotriene receptor 1 Ligand Zafirlukast ... 6
CFCAD83 Class 83: Androgen receptor Ligand Bicalutamide Superfamily, A... 2
CFCAD84 Class 84: NMDA receptor Ligand Felbamate Superfamily, Calcium-... 3
CFCAD85 Class 85: Gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor Ligand Cetro... 6
CFCAD86 Class 86: Vasopressin V1a receptor and Vasopressin V2 receptor... 7
CFCAD87 Class 87: D(2) dopamine receptor Ligand Prochlorperazine Super... 6
CFCAD88 Class 88: Histamine H1 receptor ligand tricyclic antidepressan... 9
CFCAD89 Class 89: Biogenic amine receptor ligand Terfenadine Trihexyph... 7
CFCAD90 Class 90: 5-hydroxytryptamine receptor, Noradrenergic re-uptak... 5
CFCAD91 Class 91: Noradrenergic re-uptake and Serotonin re-uptake Inhi... 4
CFCAD92 Class 92: Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor ligand bisbenzylte... 8
CFCAD93 Class 93: Oestrogen receptor ligand Clomifene Chlorotrianisene... 13
CFCAD94 Class 94: 50S ribosomal subunit Inhibitor Telithromycin Superf... 4
CFCAD95 Class 95: 50S ribosomal subunit inhibitor macrolide Superfamil... 3
CFCAD96 Class 96: Gamma-aminobutyric acid A receptor Ligand Zolpidem S... 10
CFCAD97 Class 97: Tubulin, cyclic phosphodiesterase, amine transporter... 6
CFCAD98 Class 98: Retinoic acid receptor Ligand Adapalene Superfamily,... 6
CFCAD99 Class 99: Peptidoglycan synthase FtsI Inhibitor Aztreonam Supe... 4
CFCAD100 Class 100: Serotonin re-uptake Inhibitor Citalopram Superfamil... 5
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CFAM currently contains 490,279 molecules in 87,136 families, 34,880 superfamilies and 11,643 classes.

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