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CFSPA1 Electrophotographic Light-sensitive Materials In Patent US5134... 2
CFSPA2 Phenyl(thio)urea, Phenyl(thio)carbamate Derivatives, Substitut... 5
CFSPA3 Phenol Derivatives and Phenyl Derivatives In Patent US4341879,... 5
CFSPA4 Polyurethanes, Polyalkylenes And Milbemycin 5-oxime Derivative... 2
CFSPA5 Acetylenes And Hydroxamic Acid Derivatives In Patent US4704377... 2
CFSPA6 Putative Adhesive Stick Having Improved Adhesive Strength In P... 3
CFSPA7 Tetrahydro-furan, Pyran Phosphate-ethylene, Propylene Ammonium... 3
CFSPA8 Cyclohexane-1 3-dione Derivatives As Herbicides In Patent US45... 1
CFSPA9 4h-triazolo[4 3-a][1 4]benzodiazepines In Patent US4987131 Family 1
CFSPA10 Monoaryl-5-as Triazinones In Patent EP0233804 Superfamily 2
CFSPA11 Fluoropyridinylmethyl Cyclopropanecarboxylate Insecticides In ... 1
CFSPA12 3(2h)pyridazinone Analogs In Patent US4783462, EP0193853 Family 1
CFSPA13 Sulfonamides With Herbicidal Activities In Patent EP0162723,US... 5
CFSPA14 Thiazolidine Derivatives In Patent EP0129747,US4587256 Superfa... 2
CFSPA15 Olefinic Diphosphonic Acids In Patent US4880575,US4962229,WO00... 2
CFSPA16 Photographic Light-sensitive Materials In Patent US5283166, EP... 1
CFSPA17 Heterocyclic Compounds As Antidepressant Or Photosensitive Mat... 4
CFSPA18 Inhibitors Of Viral Or Bacterial Neuraminidase In Patent EP075... 2
CFSPA19 Inhibitors Of Viral Or Bacterial Neuraminidase In Patent EP075... 1
CFSPA20 Inhibitors Of Viral Or Bacterial Neuraminidase In Patent EP075... 2
CFSPA21 Sulphonyl Compounds In Patent EP0948480,WO9829386 Superfamily 2
CFSPA22 Bleaching Compositions In Patent EP0672749,EP0682105,EP0710712... 2
CFSPA23 (oxo-)xanthene Derivatives In Patent EP0795554 Family 1
CFSPA24 Ergoline Derivatives In Patent EP0986558,WO9854183 Superfamily 2
CFSPA25 Thio Acid Derived Monocylic N-heterocyclics In Patent US600498... 1
CFSPA26 Thio Acid Derived Monocylic N-heterocyclics In Patent EP093431... 4
CFSPA27 Acyloxythiophene-carboxamide Fungicides In Patent EP0207355,EP... 3
CFSPA28 Polypropylene Resins In Patent EP0850963,EP0942013,EP0960904,E... 4
CFSPA29 Putative Terminal Perfluoroalkylsilane Compounds In Patent US5... 2
CFSPA30 Acetylene, Pyrimidine And Perfluoro Compounds In Patent US4943... 4
CFSPA31 Acetylene And Pyrimidine Compounds And Liquid Crystal Composit... 3
CFSPA32 Fluoroalkyloxylakyl Containing Organopolysiloxanes And Naphtha... 3
CFSPA33 Acetylene, Naphthalene, Pyrimidine Compounds As Liquid Crystal... 7
CFSPA34 Aromatic Cyanate Ester Silane Coupling Agents and Sulfonium Sa... 5
CFSPA35 Silane Derivatives For Liquid Crystals In Patent US5912377,US5... 11
CFSPA36 1 2-dioxetane Derivatives In Patent EP0943618,US6218135 Superf... 3
CFSPA37 Piperidine And Tetrahydropyridine Derivatives In Patent US5973... 3
CFSPA38 Pyrazinones, Triazinones And Derivatives In Patent EP0927171, ... 1
CFSPA39 Fused Pyridazine Compounds In Patent EP0722936,US5849741 Super... 2
CFSPA40 Tricylic Compounds That Bind To Melatonin Receptors In Patent ... 2
CFSPA41 2'-hydroxy-5'-(hydroxyalkyl)phenyl-2h-benzotriazoles In Patent... 6
CFSPA42 Substituted 1 4-dihydropyrimidine-5-carboxylate Compounds In P... 4
CFSPA43 Cyanophosphonamides In Patent WO0032611 Family 1
CFSPA44 Polymerizable Alicyclic Esters In Patent EP1057806 Family 1
CFSPA45 Hydroxypropylated Quaternary Ammonium Compounds Containing An ... 2
CFSPA46 Pyridazinoquinoline Compounds In Patent WO9615127 Superfamily 3
CFSPA47 Pyrimidinone-1 3-oxathiolane Derivatives With Antiviral Activi... 4
CFSPA48 Dihalopropene Compounds and Dihalopropene Compounds In Patent ... 8
CFSPA49 Dihalopropene Compounds and Dihalopropene Compounds In Patent ... 7
CFSPA50 N-(substituted Arylmethyl)-4-[bis(substituted Phenyl Or Pyridy... 2
CFSPA51 Aminopyrrolidines And 2-fluoroethyl Ethers and Catechol Diethe... 8
CFSPA52 3-hydroxymethylcycloalkanols In Patent EP0895980,EP0895984,EP0... 3
CFSPA53 Putative Patent EP0741731,WO9403271,EP0655950 Family 1
CFSPA54 1 2 4-triazin-3-one Derivatives and 1 2 4-triazin-3-one Deriva... 5
CFSPA55 1 2 4-triazin-3-one Derivatives and Guanidines, Indole And Phe... 6
CFSPA56 Putative Compounds and Insecticidal N'-substituted-n'-substitu... 3
CFSPA57 Heterocyclic Compounds In Patent EP0912562 Faily 4 Superfamily 2
CFSPA58 Octafluoro-meso-tetraarylporphyrins In Patent US6124452 Family 1
CFSPA59 Resin Coating Compositions In Patent US4602074,US5130167,US599... 2
CFSPA60 Putative Resin Particles and Free Radical Polymer Chain Initia... 5
CFSPA61 Putative Patent EP0996644 Family 1
CFSPA62 Indolin-2-one Derivatives and Indolin-2-one Derivatives In Pat... 2
CFSPA63 Phthalocyanine, Perylene, Triamine Compounds In Patent EP09957... 7
CFSPA64 Polychlorinated Dibenzo-p-dioxins And Polychlorinated Dibenzof... 3
CFSPA65 Pyridothiazine Derivatives, Substituted Ortho-ethenyl-phenyl I... 2
CFSPA66 Substituted Cyclohexene-1 2-dicarboxylic Acid Derivatives In P... 1
CFSPA67 Phosphorylcholine Group Bearing Polymer In Patent EP0767212 Su... 3
CFSPA68 Epoxy Resin Compositions As Resin-encapsulated Semiconductor D... 4
CFSPA69 Heat-developable Photosensitive Materials In Patent US4657942,... 4
CFSPA70 Morpholinones As Light Stabilizers In Patent US6140326,US65827... 2
CFSPA71 Diaryl-substituted Heterocyclic And Polyimide Compounds In Pat... 6
CFSPA72 16-ene-vitamin D Derivatives In Patent EP0947504 Superfamily 3
CFSPA73 Microencapsulated Organo-phosphorus Or Carbamate Analogs With ... 1
CFSPA74 Polyorganosiloxane Compositions In Patent EP0618257,EP0626426,... 4
CFSPA75 Polyamides That Are Light And Thermally Stable In Patent US433... 4
CFSPA76 Diamino Compounds and Diamino Compounds And Intermediates In P... 5
CFSPA77 Olefins and Olefins In Patent EP0844260,EP0896969,EP0930320,EP... 2
CFSPA78 Benzimidazole Vascular Damaging Agents In Patent WO0041669 Sup... 3
CFSPA79 Olefins, Ethylenes And Arylenes In Patent US5959157,US5986028,... 2
CFSPA80 Biotin-dota Conjugates With Biotinidase-resistant Property In ... 5
CFSPA81 Putative Heat-sensitive Recording Sheet In Patent US4251593 Su... 2
CFSPA82 Resist Stripping Agents In Patent EP1031884 Superfamily 4
CFSPA83 Pyridine Derivatives As Angiotension Ii Antagonists In Patent ... 3
CFSPA84 Putative Patent EP0320940,EP0359147,EP0447115,US4079037,US4654... 3
CFSPA85 Hydrazines In Patent US4013758 Superfamily 2
CFSPA86 Cyanoformate Esters In Patent EP0893436,US4539422,US5852207 Su... 3
CFSPA87 7-oxabicycloheptane Amino-alcohol Intermediates In Patent US44... 8
CFSPA88 Tetrafluoro-n-phenylphthalimides, Benzoindole Phthalides And P... 5
CFSPA89 Penem Derivatives In Patent US4613595, US5260179, US3948915, E... 1
CFSPA90 2-alkyl-3-haloisothiazolium Salts And Derivatives In Patent US... 2
CFSPA91 Alpha -alkyl Lactones In Patent EP0559789,US4980342,US5231192,... 2
CFSPA92 Alkenyl- Or Alkynyl-substituted Thiobarbiturates For Reducing ... 1
CFSPA93 9 11-o-methylene Derivatives Of 9-dihydroerythromycin In Paten... 3
CFSPA94 Pyrazoles In Patent US4775409,US4866175,US5034510,US6165944 Su... 3
CFSPA95 Aminoguanidine Compounds And 3-(cyanimino)-3-amino-propionitri... 2
CFSPA96 3-fucosyl-n-acetyl-lactosamine Derivatives Etc In Patent EP002... 4
CFSPA97 Bis(2 2-dimethyl-1-aziridinyl) Phosphinic Amides In Patent US4... 2
CFSPA98 Carbapenem Derivatives Etc In Patent EP0499196,US4454065,US447... 2
CFSPA99 Desflurane Analogs In Patent EP0583540,US5205914,US5350646 Sup... 2
CFSPA100 Oxopiperidine, Isobutylramide And Dibenzorhodamine Derivatives... 2
CFSPA101 3-phenyl-1-methylenedioxyphenyl-indane-2-carboxylic Acid Deriv... 8
CFSPA102 Benzothiazole Derivatives In Patent US5424443,US5753595 Superf... 4
CFSPA103 Cyclopropane Carboxylic Acids And Intermediates In Patent US59... 2
CFSPA104 Camptothecin Analogs And Intermediates In Patent US5744605 Family 1
CFSPA105 BETA2-ADRENERGIC Receptor Agonists And Muscarinic Receptor Ant... 4
CFSPA106 Pyrroles In Patent EP0600157,US5118816,US5151536 Superfamily 7
CFSPA107 N-protected/n-substituted-beta-amino-hydroxy Sulfonates and Az... 4
CFSPA108 2-unsaturated Alkylthio-pen-2-em-3-carboxylic Acids In Patent ... 3
CFSPA109 Chroman Derivatives, 3-benzoxazines And 12-secoprostaglandins ... 2
CFSPA110 Polyaspartates And Diurethanes In Patent EP0415213,EP0816326,U... 3
CFSPA111 Azetidinones And Pyridines In Patent US5591737,US5945415 Super... 4
CFSPA112 Prostaglandins In Patent EP0234158,US5162370 Superfamily 2
CFSPA113 2 3-dioxabicyclo[3.3.1]nonane Derivatives As Antimalarials and... 3
CFSPA114 Beta-fucopyranosyl Phosphates In Patent EP0502298,US5371203 Su... 3
CFSPA115 Hydrazides In Patent EP0384769,EP0667859,EP0692982,US5206370,U... 9
CFSPA116 Diphenylsiloxane Oligomers And Silyl Alkylene Amines and Silan... 11
CFSPA117 Putative Elastomeric Polymer Incorporation Into Implantable Bi... 4
CFSPA118 2-anilinopyrimidines And Amino Acid Fluorides In Patent EP1027... 4
CFSPA119 Anthracycline Derivatives In Patent EP0275431,EP0335369,EP0581... 2
CFSPA120 Polyethylene Glycol Aldehydes And Tetracyclic Compounds In Pat... 2
CFSPA121 Putative Liquid Developer For Electrostatic Photography In Pat... 3
CFSPA122 Acrylonitrile, Cyclohexane, Difluorophenol Derivatives and Cya... 5
CFSPA123 Trialkylsulfonium Salts Of N-phosphonomethyl-glycine In Patent... 1
CFSPA124 Oxazepinones, Thiazepinones And Diazepinones In Patent US45928... 6
CFSPA125 Pyridazinylimidazolidinone Compounds With Herbicidal Activity ... 2
CFSPA126 Cyclohexane-1 3-dione Derivatives With Herbicidal Activity In ... 4
CFSPA127 Amino Acid Ester And Amide Analogs As Renin Inhibitors In Pate... 1
CFSPA128 Phosphorus Containing 1-cyclohexene-1 2-dicarboxamides In Pate... 2
CFSPA129 Pyrrole Derivatives As Hypnotics And Anticonvulsants In Patent... 3
CFSPA130 Triazole Derivatives In Patent US4744817 Superfamily 2
CFSPA131 Hmg-coa Reductase Inhibitors In Patent US4582914,US4611067 Sup... 2
CFSPA132 Quinoline Carboxylic Acids Quinoxalinediones In Patent US50396... 7
CFSPA133 Substituted P-menthanes, Radioligands For The Trp-m8 Receptor ... 5
CFSPA134 Polyurethanes And Phosphinic Acids In Patent US4069247,US41547... 2
CFSPA135 Putative Combinatorial Approach For Generating Novel Coordinat... 1
CFSPA136 Aqueous High Solids Coating Compositions In Patent EP0196112,U... 3
CFSPA137 Ethyl Amine Derivatives Etc In Patent EP0068979,EP0069622,EP01... 3
CFSPA138 Photochromic Microemulsion Ink Compositions In Patent US555197... 3
CFSPA139 Carbocyclic Compounds In Patent US4758373,US4894181 Superfamily 2
CFSPA140 Phenylene Derivatives In Patent US4617141,US6117361 Superfamily 6
CFSPA141 Pyridines And Pyridazines In Patent US476778,WO9809969 Superfa... 4
CFSPA142 N-(substituted Phenyl) Tetrazol-5-yl Carboxamides With Anti-al... 4
CFSPA143 Substituted Pyridine Compounds With Herbicidal Activity In Pat... 1
CFSPA144 Substituted Aryloxyureas In Patent EP0270683,US4968341,US51123... 3
CFSPA145 Phenoxy Benzoyl Derivatives and 2-nitro-5(substituted-phenoxy)... 3
CFSPA146 Ether And Thioether Amines In Patent US4758564,US5384168 Super... 3
CFSPA147 Alkanesulfonate Derivatives As Insecticides, Acaricides And Ne... 3
CFSPA148 3-phosphinyl-amino-2-oxo-1h-azocine Or Azonine-1-acetic Acid D... 2
CFSPA149 Basic Ethers In Patent US4342762 Superfamily 5
CFSPA150 8-halo-5 6-dialkoxyquinazoline-2 4-diones In Patent EP0183348,... 2
CFSPA151 Acrylamide Derivatives In Patent US5147923 Superfamily 4
CFSPA152 Anti-inflammatory Compounds In Patent EP0558563 Superfamily 2
CFSPA153 Sulfonamide Derivatives In Patent EP0567014,US5376620 Superfamily 3
CFSPA154 Primary Hydroxyl Enriched Poly (oxyalkylene) Derivatives In Pa... 4
CFSPA155 Heterocyclically Substituted Thio(cyclo)alkane Polycarboxylic ... 2
CFSPA156 Anthraceme Derivatives In Patent EP0174271 Superfamily 7
CFSPA157 2-amino-3-chloromethyl-5-(dichloromethyl)-pyrazines In Patent ... 3
CFSPA158 Substituted P-hydroxyphenyl Compounds And Thiophosphites In Pa... 5
CFSPA159 1 3-bis-substituted-2-propanol Derivatives Containing Amino Gr... 2
CFSPA160 3-cyano-4-phenyl-pyrroles In Patent EP0339417 Superfamily 4
CFSPA161 Putative Transition Metal Complex Catalyzed Reactions and Proc... 3
CFSPA162 Alkylamino Mercaptoalkylamides In Patent US5334377 Superfamily 2
CFSPA163 Amino Mercaptoalkylamides In Patent US5085860,US5334377 Superf... 3
CFSPA164 Putative Water-dispersed Coating Composition Comprising An Acr... 2
CFSPA165 Vitamin-d Compounds In Patent EP0572489,US5110924 Superfamily 2
CFSPA166 Putative Patent US5919514,US5874148,EP0986471 Family 1
CFSPA167 Amine Resins In Patent EP0011049,EP0028204,US4081366,US4262033... 3
CFSPA168 Fused Benzeneoxyacetic Acid Derivatives In Patent US5849919 Su... 2
CFSPA169 Substituted Pyrazino[2 3-c]-1 2 6-thiadiazine 2 2-dioxides In ... 2
CFSPA170 Substituted Cyclohexanediones And Isoxazoles As Herbicides In ... 3
CFSPA171 Putative Radiation Induced Graft Polymerization and Photoharde... 3
CFSPA172 1 2 4-triazine Derivatives And Aryl Compounds In Patent US7713... 4
CFSPA173 Thiazoles And Their Agricultural Compositions In Patent US5952... 1
CFSPA174 Tartronic Acids And Acetalic Ethers And O-esters In Patent US5... 3
CFSPA175 Acidic Polylactic Polymers In Patent US6111033 Superfamily 4
CFSPA176 Indoline Derivatives As 5ht2c Antagonists In Patent EP0707581 ... 2
CFSPA177 Acyclic Amidine Group-containing Diphosphonic Acid Derivatives... 1
CFSPA178 Benzo[f]quinoxalinedione Derivatives In Patent US5710138 Super... 3
CFSPA179 Putative Patent EP0432713,US5894051,EP0314507 Family 1
CFSPA180 Putative Packing Material For Liquid Chromatography and Hydros... 4
CFSPA181 Sulfur-containing Bis-quaternaries In Patent US4057390 Superfa... 6
CFSPA182 1 3 4-thiadiazoles, 5-membered Heterocyclic Ring Angiotensin C... 3
CFSPA183 1-substituted Conjugated Alka-(e Z)-diene Compounds In Patent ... 1
CFSPA184 Fk-506 And Tricarbonyl Intermediates In Patent EP0378318,US544... 2
CFSPA185 Putative Dialcohols In Patent US3948881,US3983143,US5045363 Su... 2
CFSPA186 Benzofuranyl-n-[pyrrolidin-1-yl]-n-methyl-acetamide Derivative... 1
CFSPA187 Pyridazine Derivatives In Patent WO9849167 Superfamily 2
CFSPA188 Phosphonate Analogs As Antivirals In Patent US2005010048,US201... 5
CFSPA189 Substituted Pyrimidines In Patent US6197729,US6300333,US659672... 3
CFSPA190 5-fluorouracil Derivatives In Patent US4349552 Superfamily 4
CFSPA191 5-fluorouracil Derivatives In Patent US4349552 Family 1
CFSPA192 5-fluorouracil Derivatives In Patent US4349552 Family 2 1
CFSPA193 5-fluorouracil Derivatives In Patent US4349552 Superfamily 2 7
CFSPA194 Putative Silicone Rubber Composition For Formed-in-place Gaske... 3
CFSPA195 Polyfluoroallyloxy Compounds In Patent US4273728, US4273729, U... 1
CFSPA196 5-(n-alkyl-n-acyl-amino)-thiophen-2-carboxylic Acid Derivative... 3
CFSPA197 Monochlorotriazine Dyestuffs Of The Pyrazolone Series In Paten... 7
CFSPA198 Substituted 3 6-diphenyl-3 4-dihydro-2h-1 3 5-oxadiazine-2 4-d... 6
CFSPA199 Quinazoline Derivatives In Patent US4348396,US4428952 Superfamily 4
CFSPA200 3-bromo-4-fluoro-benzaldehyde Acetals In Patent US4348538 Supe... 4
CFSPA201 Pyrrole Carboxylic Acids And Esters In Patent US4347185,US4456... 4
CFSPA202 Phosphite Derivatives In Patent US4346025,US4789753,US5008168,... 8
CFSPA203 Phenyliminothiazoline Derivatives and Phenyliminothiazoline De... 3
CFSPA204 4-carbamoyl Imidazolium-5-olate Derivatives As Antitumor And I... 2
CFSPA205 Benzamide Derivative Analgesics In Patent US4346101 Superfamily 2
CFSPA206 Urea, Benzamidoxim And Triazole Derivatives In Patent EP006223... 2
CFSPA207 Polyisocyanates Containing Carbodiimide Groups In Patent US434... 1
CFSPA208 Halogenated Tertiary Alkyl Isocyanates In Patent EP0025907, US... 1
CFSPA209 Oxotetrahydrothiophenes In Patent US4344956 Family 1
CFSPA210 Oxotetrahydrothiophenes In Patent US4344956 Family 2 1
CFSPA211 Putative Intumescent Composition In Patent US4201677,EP0008938... 1
CFSPA212 Penicillanic Acid Derivatives In Patent US4229443,US4345071 Su... 2
CFSPA213 N-(meta-(6-chloro-3-pyridazinyloxy)phenyl)trifluoromethanesulf... 2
CFSPA214 Rubber Compositions In Patent EP0869016,EP0945482 Superfamily 4
CFSPA215 2-(3-substituted Amino-2-hydroxypropoxy)-3-substituted Pyrazin... 2
CFSPA216 Pyrazine And Piperazine Derivatives In Patent US4193995, US448... 1
CFSPA217 Cephalosporin Antibiotics and 2-hydroxy-3-(aryl-alkanoyl)-benz... 8
CFSPA218 Putative Cationically Curable Coating Compositions In Patent E... 2
CFSPA219 Putative Toner Manufacture Using Chain Transfer Polyesters In ... 5
CFSPA220 Fluorinated Flavone Acetic Acids In Patent EP0454728 Superfamily 2
CFSPA221 Guanidine Compounds In Patent US4342764 Superfamily 2
CFSPA222 3-heterocyclicindoles And Derivatives Thereof As Immunosuppres... 3
CFSPA223 3-heterocyclicindoles And Derivatives Thereof As Immunosuppres... 2
CFSPA224 Hydroxyaryl Hydantoins In Patent US3956298,US4066616 Superfamily 3
CFSPA225 Triazole Derivatives And Resin Compositions In Patent EP001112... 3
CFSPA226 Phenyl Derivatives In Patent US4341720,US4992150 Superfamily 2
CFSPA227 Substituted Cyclohexadienone Compounds In Photo-sensitive And ... 3
CFSPA228 Polyenic Carboxylic Acid Derivatives Substituted Adenosines An... 10
CFSPA229 Amine And Dopa/dopamine Prodrugs In Patent US4311706 Superfamily 5
CFSPA230 Putative Photosensitive Composition and Ink Jet Recording Shee... 5
CFSPA231 Putative Patent EP0038459,US4340695 Family 1
CFSPA232 Putative Patent EP0009348,US4339443 Superfamily 2
CFSPA233 Acrylamide Derivatives In Patent US4281192,US4339561 Superfamily 2
CFSPA234 3 5-triazines In Patent US4301260, US4339577 Family 1
CFSPA235 3 5-triazines In Patent US4301260,US4339577 Superfamily 2
CFSPA236 2-aryl-3-cyclopentanedione Compounds In Patent US4283348,US433... 3
CFSPA237 Putative Magnetic Recording Medium and Process For Producing A... 7
CFSPA238 Prostane Derivatives In Patent EP0010360,US4338316 Superfamily 4
CFSPA239 Tetrazole Thiols In Patent EP0048167,US4338452 Superfamily 2
CFSPA240 Diaminediacetic Acids In Patent US4069249,US4152345,US4225502,... 2
CFSPA241 Putative Fibrous Article Sized With A Branched Water-dispersib... 3
CFSPA242 Cyclohepta[b]pyrrole Derivatives In Patent US4337265 Superfamily 2
CFSPA243 Substituted Furopyridinones, Furopyrazinones And Hheat-sensiti... 4
CFSPA244 Putative Photosensitive Compound and Photosensitive Compound I... 3
CFSPA245 Penicillin Derivatives As Anti-bacterials In Patent US4336191 ... 1
CFSPA246 Methylene Oleandomycins In Patent EP0063489, US4336368 Family 1
CFSPA247 Putative Quaternary Ammonium Phosphates Based On Amino-functio... 3
CFSPA248 Benzoate Derivatives In Patent EP0034457,US4334914 Superfamily 3
CFSPA249 Polyglycol Ethers And Polyhydroxy Tertiary Amines In Patent US... 4
CFSPA250 Cyclic Acetals And Monoacetal Derivatives In Patent EP0019112,... 1
CFSPA251 Cyclopropane-1-carboxylic Acids In Patent EP0012722, US4299967... 1
CFSPA252 Carbamates In Patent EP0026369,US4335138 Superfamily 2
CFSPA253 Carbamates In Patent US4335138 Superfamily 2
CFSPA254 2-substituted-aminopropene-and Propanenitrile Antimicrobial An... 2
CFSPA255 Nitrosourea Derivatives In Patent US4335247 Superfamily 2
CFSPA256 Cyanbenzofuran And Nitrophenyl Derivatives In Patent US4251546... 6
CFSPA257 Cyanbenzofuran Derivatives In Patent US4263037,US4605747,US536... 10
CFSPA258 Substituted Pyrroles, 2-nitroalkyl Ethers In Patent US4333878 ... 3
CFSPA259 Pyrimidine Derivatives In Patent US4315931 Superfamily 3
CFSPA260 Heterocyclic Containing 5-oxo Pyrans In Patent US4334066 Family 1
CFSPA261 Dibenzothiophenes In Patent US4219657,US4334078 Superfamily 2
CFSPA262 Substituted Oxocarboxylic Acids In Patent EP0051077,US4334089 ... 3
CFSPA263 Phosphonocarboxylic Acid Compounds In Patent US4260422,US43327... 4
CFSPA264 Putative Patent US4288357,US4795785,US4332859 Family 1
CFSPA265 Putative Patent EP0022076,EP0383536,US4306014,US4329477,US4332... 2
CFSPA266 Putative Patent US4202873,US4306014,US4332884,US6096782 Superf... 3
CFSPA267 Putative Herbicidal N-isopropylheteroaryloxyacetanilides and B... 3
CFSPA268 Putative Patent EP0014810,US4331678 Family 1
CFSPA269 Putative Chemical Functionalization Of Surfaces In Patent US60... 3
CFSPA270 Diacylnucleosides And Nucleoside Analogs In Patent US4330534, ... 1
CFSPA271 Putative Mercaptoacyl Derivatives Of Keto Substituted Pipecoli... 5
CFSPA272 Putative Patent US2003216258,US4608079,US4638068,US4845264,US6... 2
CFSPA273 Putative Patent US4329303,EP0022546 Family 1
CFSPA274 Putative 3-oxo-1 4-benzothiazine Derivatives and 3-oxo-1 4-ben... 7
CFSPA275 Putative Patent EP0093922,US4329347,US4518597 Superfamily 4
CFSPA276 Putative Patent US4216160,US4329363 Family 1
CFSPA277 Putative Tetrahydrobenzopyran Derivatives and Novel Compounds ... 3
CFSPA278 Putative Trisubstituted Thioxanthines and 1 3-diaminomethyl-hy... 3
CFSPA279 Putative Catalyst For Producing Fluorosilicone Polymers and Fl... 5
CFSPA280 Putative Process For The Optical Resolution Of Racemic Mixture... 4
CFSPA281 Putative Patent EP0030333,EP0641792,EP0655165,US4278610,US4329... 3
CFSPA282 Benzothiazocine And Benzothiazonine Derivatives In Patent US43... 4
CFSPA283 Putative Patent US4328331,US4714719,US4748226 Superfamily 2
CFSPA284 Substituted Phenylpropyl Halides And Polyisobutylenes In Paten... 4
CFSPA285 Putative Phenylpyrol Derivatives In Patent US4326881 Superfamily 3
CFSPA286 Putative Patent EP0110397,US4327018,US4742058,US4762829 Superf... 2
CFSPA287 Putative Heterocyclic Alkyl Naphthols and 2-(nuclearly-substit... 2
CFSPA288 Putative Metal Complexes Of Azomethines In Patent US4327024,US... 1
CFSPA289 Putative Manufacture Of Sulfamic Acid Halides In Patent EP0011... 2
CFSPA290 Putative Abrasive Product Having Binder Comprising An Aminopla... 3
CFSPA291 Putative Process For Dyeing Polyurethane Plastics and Chain-ex... 4
CFSPA292 Putative Pneumatic Tires and Ziegler-natta Catalyst Systems Wi... 4
CFSPA293 Putative Production Of Intermediates For Enzyme Inhibitors In ... 1
CFSPA294 Putative Fungicidal Composition Comprising Phosphoramidothiona... 3
CFSPA295 Putative Substituted Decahydroquinolines and Substituted Decah... 2
CFSPA296 Putative Substituted Decahydroquinolines In Patent US4073770,U... 3
CFSPA297 Putative High Molecular Weight Piperidine Derivatives As Uv St... 4
CFSPA298 Benzotriazole And Pyrrolidine Derivatives In Patent US4236013,... 4
CFSPA299 Putative Photopolymerizable Composition and 1-{8 {8 {8 5-(subs... 5
CFSPA300 Putative Patent ,EP0014344,US2009246815,US4326066 Superfamily 3
CFSPA301 Putative Patent EP0014344,EP0309421,EP0501415,US4326066 Superf... 3
CFSPA302 Amidinoureas For Treating Gastrointestinal Spasms, Hyperacidit... 7
CFSPA303 Amidinoureas For Treating Gastrointestinal Spasms, Hyperacidit... 2
CFSPA304 Amidinoureas For Treating Gastrointestinal Spasms, Hyperacidit... 8
CFSPA305 Putative Long-lived Homogenous Oxidation Catalysts and Polycyc... 5
CFSPA306 Putative Thrombin Receptor Antagonists In Patent US2011251392,... 2
CFSPA307 Putative Patent US4324790,EP0022705 Family 1
CFSPA308 Putative Pesticides In Patent EP0179788,EP0811596,US5892131 Su... 4
CFSPA309 Putative Patent US4172198,US4324892 Family 1
CFSPA310 Putative Dyeing Of Mixed Fibers and Process Of Making A Compou... 4
CFSPA311 Putative Herbicidal 4-trifluoromethyl-4-nitrodiphenyl Ethers a... 4
CFSPA312 Putative Room Temperature-curable Organopolysiloxane Compositi... 3
CFSPA313 Putative Phenylglycine Derivatives In Patent WO0035858 Superfa... 4
CFSPA314 Putative Synthesis Of Alpha Beta -unsaturated-ketones In Paten... 2
CFSPA315 Putative Patent US4323569,EP0008514 Family 1
CFSPA316 Putative Patent ,US4322214 Superfamily 2
CFSPA317 Putative Photographic Elements Comprising Antistatic Layers an... 9
CFSPA318 Putative Ampho-ionic Group-containing Alkyd Resins and Aqueous... 3
CFSPA319 Putative Patent US4322419 Family 1
CFSPA320 4-phenyl-and 5-phenyl-1 4 5 6-tetrahydropyrimidine Derivatives... 4
CFSPA321 4-phenyl-and 5-phenyl-1 4 5 6-tetrahydropyrimidine Derivatives... 4
CFSPA322 Putative Patent EP0026742,US4322531 Superfamily 2
CFSPA323 Putative Patent EP0009696,EP0637615,US4196152,US4265656,US4801... 2
CFSPA324 Substituted N-alkylimidazoles and Imidazole Derivatives In Pat... 4
CFSPA325 Putative Herbicidal Tetrahydrobenzothiazolylimidazolidinones I... 1
CFSPA326 Putative Herbicidal 2-haloacetantlides In Patent US4332614 Sup... 2
CFSPA327 Putative Oxazoline Stabilized Diphenylmethane Diisocyanate-pol... 1
CFSPA328 Putative Pyrido[3 2-e]-as-triazines In Patent US4320127 Family 1
CFSPA329 Putative Derivatives Of Perhydro-aza-heterocycles and Analgesi... 6
CFSPA330 Putative Derivatives Of Perhydro-aza-heterocycles and Piperazi... 2
CFSPA331 Putative Patent US2009005419,US4220722,US4318846,US4323560,US4... 2
CFSPA332 Alkylamino Phenyl Compounds In Patent US4205085,US4259352 Supe... 4
CFSPA333 Putative Patent EP0053494,US4319033,US5047574,US6271315,US6749... 2
CFSPA334 Putative Acetohydroxamic Acids In Patent US4183951,US5554767,U... 2
CFSPA335 Putative Patent EP0232167,EP0590539,US5158854,US5817837,US8030... 2
CFSPA336 Putative Patent EP0347690,EP0596125,US2008096134,US4207260,US4... 3
CFSPA337 Putative Substituted Guanidine Derivatives In Patent US4725303... 3
CFSPA338 Putative Alkoxy-functional One-component Rtv Silicone Rubber C... 2
CFSPA339 Putative Amidinoureas For Lowering Blood Pressure In Patent US... 3
CFSPA340 Putative Patent WO9100849,EP0494861,US5108563 Family 1
CFSPA341 Putative Tricyclic Oxime Ethers and New Carboxamides With Anti... 2
CFSPA342 Putative 5 Alpha -reductase Inhibitors In Patent US5622961,US6... 1
CFSPA343 Silanes And Diaryl Phosphine Rhodium Analogs and Silane Deriva... 12
CFSPA344 Benzopyran Derivatives In Patent US5250547 Superfamily 5
CFSPA345 Putative Electrostatic Dissipative Substrate Materials and Lub... 5
CFSPA346 Putative Functionalization Of Acyl Pyridinium Salts In Patent ... 1
CFSPA347 Fluoropyruvic Acids, Polythiophenes And Sulfonyl Amino Phenyls... 8
CFSPA348 Putative Matrix Metalloprotease Inhibitors and Matrix Metallop... 5
CFSPA349 Putative Fused Imidazopyridine Derivatives As Antihyperlipidem... 3
CFSPA350 Propylenes, Polyolefins, Polyhydroxyalkanoates In Patent EP076... 1
CFSPA351 Putative Patent WO0035886 Family 1
CFSPA352 Putative Il-5 Inhibiting 6-azauracil Derivatives In Patent EP1... 2
CFSPA353 Putative Patent EP0441468,US5501863,US5647999,US5650136,US5935... 2
CFSPA354 Putative Processes For Coating Sewing Thread Processes For Coa... 4
CFSPA355 Putative Quinolone Antibacterial Agents In Patent US2005107423... 2
CFSPA356 Putative Patent EP0026742,US4322531 Family 1
CFSPA357 Putative Novel Pyranoses Novel Pyranoses and Cyclic Urea Hiv P... 3
CFSPA358 Putative Improved Process For Matching Color Of Paint To A Col... 4
CFSPA359 Putative Water-developing Photosensitive Resin Composition and... 5
CFSPA360 Indolizine, Imidazolidine And Quinazolinde-dione Derivatives I... 5
CFSPA361 Putative Fluorination With Aminosulfur Trifluorides In Patent ... 4
CFSPA362 Putative 4-aminoquinazoline Compounds Useful As Agricultural F... 1
CFSPA363 Putative Olefin (co)polymer Composition In Patent EP0856526,EP... 7
CFSPA364 Putative Silver Halide Photographic Material and Silver Halide... 5
CFSPA365 Quinoline And Polyprenyl Derivatives In Patent US4435405,US488... 3
CFSPA366 Putative Ion Channel Modulators In Patent US4012379,US5866568,... 2
CFSPA367 Piperazines In Patent US5051422,US7649015 Superfamily 5
CFSPA368 Putative Inhibitors Of Alpha 4 Mediated Cell Adhesion In Paten... 3
CFSPA369 Phenylene Derivatives In Patent WO9833836 Superfamily 2
CFSPA370 Putative Epoxy Resins Based On Tetraglycidyl Diamines In Paten... 2
CFSPA371 Putative Hiv Protease Inhibitors Hiv Protease Inhibitors and Q... 2
CFSPA372 Putative 6-substituted Alkoxy-2-oxo-1 2-dihydroquinoxaline Der... 2
CFSPA373 Putative Cephalosporin-1-oxide Derivatives In Patent EP0072608... 3
CFSPA374 Putative Biphenyl Sulfonamides As Dual Angiotensin Endothelin ... 3
CFSPA375 Putative Process For Producing Polyethylene In Patent US395340... 1
CFSPA376 Putative Sulfonamide Derivatives In Patent US5189211 Family 1
CFSPA377 Putative Thiadizinones and Thiadizinones and Thiadizinones In ... 3
CFSPA378 Putative Substituted Thieno[3 2-d]pyrimidines As Melanin Conce... 1
CFSPA379 Oxazole And Tetrazole Derivatives In Patent US5403852,US559186... 4
CFSPA380 Putative Hepatitis C Virus Inhibitors In Patent US2009068140,U... 1
CFSPA381 Putative Patent US4968829,US6908724,US3397180 Family 1
CFSPA382 Putative Patent EP0980872,EP0982319,EP1028968,US2008032241,US2... 3
CFSPA383 Putative Patent US2006122215,US2011046130,US4175187,US6936619,... 3
CFSPA384 Putative Dialkyl (dialkoxyphosphinyl)methyl Phosphates As Anti... 2
CFSPA385 Putative Patent EP0908457,US6156700,US6706663,WO9914216 Superf... 3
CFSPA386 Putative Sulfur-containing Imidazole Derivatives. Sulfur-conta... 4
CFSPA387 Putative Patent EP0702668,EP0722430,EP0975586,US5872137,US6071... 4
CFSPA388 Putative Fire-retardant Polycarbonate Composition In Patent US... 4
CFSPA389 Putative Heterocyclic Oxophtalazinyl Acetic Acids. Heterocycli... 2
CFSPA390 Putative Patent US6376428,US6268313 Family 1
CFSPA391 Putative Patent EP0900791,US6136834,US6376484 Superfamily 3
CFSPA392 Putative Patent EP0484702,US4701498,US5110945,US6066627,US7727... 3
CFSPA393 Naphtholactamsquaric Acid And Naphthalene Dicarboxylate Deriva... 3
CFSPA394 Silicone Rubber Compositions In Patent US4707531,US4897459,US5... 2
CFSPA395 Putative Patent EP0293358,US5145783,US5998157,US6025478,US6376... 2
CFSPA396 Putative Patent EP0179134,EP0226636,US4310471,US4368237,US4933... 4
CFSPA397 Vinylsulfone Derivatives In Patent US5021559,US6025478 Superfa... 10
CFSPA398 Putative Antiviral Phosphinate Compounds In Patent US201108211... 2
CFSPA399 Putative Optical Recording Medium In Patent US4782006,US514178... 2
CFSPA400 Putative Positive Photosensitive Composition In Patent US20020... 2
CFSPA401 Nitrogen Heterocycles In Patent US5039334,US5883106 Superfamily 11
CFSPA402 Putative Positive Photosensitive Composition In Patent US67499... 2
CFSPA403 Putative Positive Photosensitive Composition and Production Of... 3
CFSPA404 Putative Silver Halide Color Photographic Lightsensitive Mater... 2
CFSPA405 Putative Heat-developable Photosensitive Material and Polycarb... 5
CFSPA406 Putative Process Of Making A Compound By Forming A Polymer Fro... 2
CFSPA407 2-amino-benzoxazinones For Treating Viral Infections In Patent... 4
CFSPA408 Putative Pharmaceutically Active 3-(1 2 5 6-tetrahydropyridyl)... 2
CFSPA409 Putative Endothelin Antagonists In Patent US6124341,US6162927,... 2
CFSPA410 Putative Fluorinated Polyurethane Elastomers Prepared From Pol... 1
CFSPA411 Putative Composite Film and Adhesive Composition In Patent EP0... 2
CFSPA412 Putative Negative Type Image Recording Material In Patent US60... 2
CFSPA413 Cationic Amphiphiles And Steroid Carbamates In Patent US593940... 2
CFSPA414 Putative Bis-sulfonamide Hydroxyethylamino Retroviral Protease... 1
CFSPA415 Putative Pyrimidyl Cyclopentanes As Akt Protein Kinase Inhibit... 2
CFSPA416 Putative Silver Halide Color Photographic Materials In Patent ... 2
CFSPA417 Putative Dental Restorative Material and Unsaturated Urea Poly... 3
CFSPA418 Putative Positive Resist Composition In Patent US6156477,US602... 1
CFSPA419 Putative Patent US4578220,US6125095,US6384249 Family 1
CFSPA420 Putative Patent US6387891,US6469162,US6881732 Family 1
CFSPA421 Putative Patent US4942227,US6165996,US6264966,US6335420,US6387... 2
CFSPA422 Putative Polyfluoroalkylisoxazolylamines In Patent EP0304966,E... 2
CFSPA423 Putative Patent US4810806,US4973714,US5227500,US6015638 Superf... 2
CFSPA424 Putative Patent US4973714,US4810806,US5227500 Family 1
CFSPA425 Putative 2-(trans-4-alkylcyclohexyl)-5-alkoxypyrimidines In Pa... 3
CFSPA426 Putative Corrosion Inhibition Composition and Silver Halide Li... 5
CFSPA427 Putative Phenylsulfonyl Nitromethanes As Aldose Reductase Inhi... 3
CFSPA428 Phenyl, Sulfonyl And Indenyl Derivatives In Patent US3988375,U... 6
CFSPA429 Putative Pesticidal Substituted Aminophenyl Carbamates and Sub... 2
CFSPA430 Putative Patent EP0206318,US4783451 Family 1
CFSPA431 Putative Herbicidal Substituted Triazolinones and Herbicidal S... 2
CFSPA432 Putative Branched Amides Of L-aspartyl-d-amino Acid Dipeptides... 3
CFSPA433 Putative Substituted 1 2 3-thia-diazole-4-thiolates In Patent ... 1
CFSPA434 Putative Diarylalkanoids Having Activity As Lipoxygenase Inhib... 3
CFSPA435 Putative Novel Aminopimelic Acids In Patent US5030715 Superfamily 2
CFSPA436 Putative Substituted Amide Inhibitors Of Cholesterol Absorptio... 3
CFSPA437 Putative Anti-tumor 4-hydroxy-2-cyclopentenones and 1-hydroxym... 4
CFSPA438 Putative Process For Producing Optically Active Hydroxyalkylph... 2
CFSPA439 Putative Antiviral Thiazoles In Patent WO9505378,US5789408,EP0... 1
CFSPA440 Putative Fabric Softening Composition and Quaternary Ammonium ... 4
CFSPA441 Putative Bis (acyloxymethyl) Imidazole Derivative. and Five-me... 3
CFSPA442 Putative Dental Treatment In Patent EP0726936,US3998945,US5444... 2
CFSPA443 Nitrogen-containing Heterocycles In Patent US4867904,US4886620... 16
CFSPA444 Putative Dye Image-receiving Element Comprising Anti-fading Ag... 3
CFSPA445 Quinolinecarboxylic Acids and Quinolinecarboxylic Acids In Pat... 4
CFSPA446 Putative 1-aryl Pyrazoles. 1-aryl Pyrazoles and Substituted 1-... 6
CFSPA447 Putative Herbicidal Pyrazolesulfonamides In Patent US4705558,U... 2
CFSPA448 Putative Certain 6-substituted-2-pyridinamines and Fused Imida... 5
CFSPA449 Putative Therapeutic Azide Compounds and Antiviral Compounds I... 4
CFSPA450 Putative Patent EP0127135,US4680297,US4740511,US5116840 Superf... 2
CFSPA451 Putative Photoactive Azole Pesticides In Patent US4791124,WO87... 1
CFSPA452 Putative Pyrimidines and Peptide Nucleic Acids Having Antibact... 2
CFSPA453 Putative Azolyl Piperazinyl Phenyl Oxazolidinone Antimicrobial... 1
CFSPA454 Putative Plasma Processes For Depositing Low Dielectric Consta... 5
CFSPA455 Putative Patent US4187374,US4855420,US4145540 Family 1
CFSPA456 Putative Patent WO9612499,US5658885 Family 1
CFSPA457 Putative Compounds With Growth Hormone Releasing Properties an... 3
CFSPA458 Putative Patent EP1057894 Family 1
CFSPA459 Photovoltaic Elements In Patent US5997637, US5304622 Family 1
CFSPA460 Putative Patent EP1041068,US4820708,US5215990 Superfamily 2
CFSPA461 Putative Substituted N-methyl-n-(4-(piperidin-1-yl)-2-(aryl)bu... 4
CFSPA462 Putative Serially Directed Combinatorial Synthesis On Fiber Op... 5
CFSPA463 Vinylamine And Vinyllactam Derivatives In Patent US5147769,US5... 2
CFSPA464 Putative Hydrophilic Adhesive Base Material and Silver Halide ... 3
CFSPA465 Putative Resorcinol Derivatives In Patent WO0056702 Superfamily 3
CFSPA466 Diaminocyclohexanes, Diaminobenzenes And Alkyltoluenediamines ... 7
CFSPA467 Putative Hiv Protease Inhibitors Useful For The Treatment Of A... 6
CFSPA468 Putative Elastomeric Organopolysiloxanes Containing Polycarbod... 2
CFSPA469 Putative Amphiphilic Derivatives Of Piperazine In Patent EP073... 3
CFSPA470 Putative Pharmaceutically Active Tricyclic Amines Pharmaceutic... 3
CFSPA471 Putative Hydroxymethyl Pyrrolidines As Beta 3 Adrenergic Recep... 2
CFSPA472 Putative Hatching Agent For The Potato Cyst Nematode. In Paten... 3
CFSPA473 Putative Patent US4616084,US4743685,US4959470,US5439746,US5811... 2
CFSPA474 Putative Epitaxially Sensitized Ultrathin Dump Iodide Tabular ... 2
CFSPA475 Putative Hydroxy-amino Thermally Cured Undercoat For 193 Nm Li... 2
CFSPA476 Peroxycarbonates And Dialkyl Peroxide Cross-linking Compositio... 2
CFSPA477 Putative Benzylpyrimidines In Patent US4039543,US4251454 Super... 5
CFSPA478 Putative 1 2 4-triazolo[1 5-c]pyrimidine Heterocyclic Analogue... 2
CFSPA479 Alpha-olefin Derivatives In Patent US6121393 Superfamily 4
CFSPA480 Putative Process For The Optical Resolution Of Racemic Mixture... 5
CFSPA481 Putative Bicyclic Substituted Hexahydrobenz(e)isoindole Alpha-... 3
CFSPA482 Putative Modulation Of The Binding Properties Of Nucleic Acid ... 2
CFSPA483 Putative EP4 Receptor Antagonists In Patent US2010137313,US568... 2
CFSPA484 Putative Conversion Of Aldehydes In Patent US4263443 Superfamily 5
CFSPA485 Putative Patent US4923929,US5093532,US5118359,US5141834,US5158... 3
CFSPA486 Putative Patent EP0602133,EP1038535,US5268122,US5558853,US5876... 2
CFSPA487 Putative Fluorine-containing 1 4-disubstituted Piperidine Deri... 2
CFSPA488 Putative Patent US4912216 Family 1
CFSPA489 Putative Patent EP0742222,US4808760,US4849556,US5515845,US5730... 2
CFSPA490 Putative Methods For Ligand Discovery In Patent US2005142614,U... 2
CFSPA491 Putative Patent US5286824,US5177224,WO9103472 Family 1
CFSPA492 Putative Patent EP0548601,EP0700953,US5091064,US5741825,US5786... 2
CFSPA493 Putative Patent US5187165,US5541340,US5547977,US6765014,WO0055... 3
CFSPA494 Putative Doubled Reactive Dyes and Polyolefin Microspheres and... 10
CFSPA495 Putative Process For The Produciton Of 2-chloroacetoacetic Aci... 1
CFSPA496 Putative Orally-active Elastase Inhibitors and Saccharin Deriv... 3
CFSPA497 Putative Phenyl Ketone Derivatives and N-(5-substituted Methyl... 3
CFSPA498 Putative Triazine Derivatives Of Piperidinylamidines and Radia... 3
CFSPA499 Putative Dna Encoding A Human Subunit Of The 5-ht3 Serotonin R... 1
CFSPA500 Putative Vitronectin Receptor Antagonists Vitronectin Receptor... 3
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