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Genetic and gene expression variations within and between populations and across regions have profound effects on the biological phenotypes, diseases and disease prevalence, and therapeutic response. The precision medicines can be facilitated by the study of the patient data of specific ethnicity and region of residence. However, there is a lack of facility for broadly and conveniently accessing the relevant data. Therefore, we introduced a new database, HEROD, a human ethnic and regional specific OMICS database, for convenient access of the Omics data of patients of 169 diseases in 7 ethnic populations from 193 cities/provinces of 49 nations/regions.

If you make use of HEROD data, please cite below publication:

Xian Zeng, Lin Tao, Peng Zhang, et al. HEROD: a human ethnic and regional specific omics database. Bioinformatics 2017, 33(20): 3276-3282.